Office Visits

Your First Visit

At your first visit in our office, we will review your dental and medical history and do a complete orthodontic examination. We will explain the general developmental status of your jaw structure and dentition and any problems that might require orthodontic treatment. We will discuss your specific concerns, answer any questions that you might have, and outline possible treatment options. We will discuss fees. Our goal is to give you as much information as we can before any diagnostic records are taken. There is no charge for the examination itself.

Treatment Now

If we recommend some form of orthodontic treatment now, we will need a diagnostic evaluation to plan the treatment. Diagnostic records will be requested to complement the examination findings. These records may include models of the teeth, photographs of the face and teeth, as well as facial and dental X-rays. We will review this information and design a course of treatment and discuss the specific details at a special consultation visit.

Future Treatment

If treatment seems indicated but the best time for treatment is sometime in the future, we may recommend a period of observation. During observation, diagnostic records may be needed from time to time to monitor dental development. Generally, there is no charge for the observation visits, but we will make a charge for any diagnostic records needed and for any active treatment that may be recommended during this period.


The fees for the evaluation and diagnostic records will depend upon what kind of diagnostic records are required. We will be able to determine the cost at the examination appointment.

The treatment fee will be estimated at the examination appointment. The exact fee will be determined after diagnostic records are taken and discussed at the consultation visit. If you have insurance, we will assist you in claiming your benefits.

Scheduling Policy

Our appointment schedule has been created to meet our patients’ needs during treatment in our office. Orthodontics works by a system of biological forces that must be controlled and maintained every few weeks. Patients are seen every five to eight weeks during active treatment. Occasionally, some of these visits may inevitably conflict with school or work schedules, depending on our goals during these adjustment appointments. In an effort to provide as many available time slots for regular adjustments, our schedule has been drafted with the following elements in mind:

  • We will schedule shorter regular visits at more convenient times (before or after work/school hours) and save the longer appointments for mid-morning and early afternoon periods. In this way, we will attempt to accommodate as many people as possible during the most desirable times.
  • Emergency visits will be scheduled between 9 am and 2:30 pm. Our goal is to not interfere with the busier times so that we will be able to see our scheduled patients on time.

Please arrive to appointments on time. If there are late arrivals, we may need to reschedule the visit if it disrupts our ability to see our regularly scheduled patients. This is in fairness to all of our patients. Occasionally, when we reschedule a patient due to a late arrival or a missed appointment, it may need to be during school or work hours. The more popular time slots are generally filled weeks in advance.

Please call at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make an appointment. In this way, you may be able to be seen at a more convenient re-scheduled time.

Please call if you have loose or broken appliances even if you have a scheduled appointment in the near future. This will help allow the extra time required to repair any broken parts. Sometimes these appointments may need to be changed to arrange for the additional time to continue treatment progression appropriately.

Our goal is to create a system that is fair to everyone. Please be patient if we occasionally conflict with your schedule.