Kayli S.

"My daugther’s progress has gone well, even better than anticipated according to what we have been told and what was planned for. The entire staff has been extremely helpful with answering questions about care and finance questions."

Michele D.

"We have had nothing but great experiences here. My oldest child’s teeth are beautiful and I have no doubt that my youngest son’s teeth will be the same!"

Molly M.

"Very pleased with this office-very helpful, appointments.  Fast, we hardly ever have to wait. We also appreciate the balanced approach to orthodontics."

Jade S.

"Dr. Ung is the BEST! I have friends who have worn braces twice as long than I did and they still have crowded or stacked teeth. Dr. Ung made sure my once bucked teeth are now beautiful. I owe her my smile!"

Katie W.

"I was just sitting here reflecting on how pleasant it is to come to this office compared to almost every other medical setting I have to go to.  Everyone is always friendly, personable, and my kids actually enjoy coming here!"

Gloria O.

"We drive from Fremont to come to Dr. Ung. We like everyone in the office."

Kimmy M.

"This office works and runs around parents that are busy like me, and I love it. I would (and have) recommended this office to others!"

Yuncon T.

"Staff is always friendly and explain everything so you always know what’s going on. You always feel like they have your best in mind. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!"

Rachelle R.

"Excellent! Courteous and friendly staff; everyone is very professional and very accommodating with appointments."


"We love everything about this office and staff! You all have been the best, we have been through multiple sets of ortho treatment and being very happy. "